A lot of athletes use oximeters to analyze how much their blood is saturated by oxygen. This information shows them how well their muscles are performing and how healthy they are in general. The better their saturation the better their performance and health are. 

This information can be helpful for everyone, not just athletes. This is why oximeters have slowly trickled down to the regular market of non-athletes. People use these gadgets to see what their health is like and to learn what they can do to improve it. The only thing that is preventing more people from getting oximeters is their price and reliability. 

This is where the PremiumPulseOximeter comes into play. Our incredible team realized that the market needs an affordable and reliable oximeter. We hired some of the best designers and engineers in the industry to create this premium gadget! Our goal is to make people healthier and more active, so we decided to sell it without premium margins so that more people can afford it. All of this resulted in incredible sales and a lot of happy customers! 

We hope to improve people’s lives even further with PremiumPulseOximeter and some of the future projects that we will announce when ready!